Secrets of Marketing for Manufacturing Suppliers

Secrets of Marketing for Manufacturing Suppliers will provide you with the information you need to successfully compete in today’s global economy. By attending this seminar, you will learn how to:

Position your company for growth and
Establish achievable goals and objectives
Choose and implement a Marketing Strategy
Create the tools you need to succeed
Manage the Sales and Marketing cycle

The seminar is designed for presentation to Senior Managers, Department Managers, Sales and Marketing personnel, and Customer Service personnel.

Seminar participants receive a Seminar Binder including copies of all slides, reference information, and additional materials.

Please contact us to learn how to prepare your company to compete in today’s global economy.

To download the data sheet for this program, please click here. (PDF)

Seminar Outline:

Unit 1 - Market Positioning
Sales and Marketing in a Global Economy
The Global Marketplace
World Class Suppliers
The Importance of ISO 9000
Defining Who You Are
Defining Your Products and Services
Defining Your Products
Differentiating Your Products
Understanding Your Strengths and
Understanding Your Competition
Understanding Your Customers
Setting Sales and Marketing Goals
Analyze the Past
Predict the Future
Set Breakthrough Goals

Unit 2 - Planning for Expansion
Choosing Your Marketing Strategy
Types of Marketing Strategies
Choosing Strategies that Work for You
Selecting Sales and Marketing Personnel
Selecting Independent Representatives
Developing Your Business Plan
Elements of a Business Plan
Establishing Your Sales and Marketing
Marketing Expense Elements
Determining the Need for an Agency

Unit 3 - The Tools of Marketing
Selecting Equipment and Software
Establishing Your Company’s Identity
Creating Sales and Marketing Literature
Developing Effective Presentations
Preparing for Public Relations
Creating Display Advertising
Creating Standard Proposals and Quotations
Putting the Tools in Motion

Unit 4 - Making the Sale
Contact Management
Responding to Inquiries
Tracking Your Progress
Making Professional Presentations
Negotiating for Win-Win Results
Closing the Sale
After the Sale

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