ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditing

The ISO 9000 (ANSI/ASQ Q9000) Series Standards provide models and guidelines for implementing the Quality Management Systems needed to compete in a global marketplace. As part of Implementing an ISO 9000 Series compliant system, companies must provide for formal and ongoing Internal Audits of the Quality Management System.

ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditing provides information on the skills, techniques, and approaches necessary for successfully auditing an ISO 9001:2008/Q9001-2008 based Quality Management System. Participants will learn key terms and definitions, specific requirements of the Standard, roles and responsibilities of Internal Auditors, how to plan and conduct an Internal Audit, how to report results, how to initiate and verify necessary corrective actions, and how to learn more about Internal Auditing.

This Seminar is oriented toward Executives, Managers, Supervisors, and Quality Professionals. It consists of seven instructional units requiring approximately 8 hours for presentation plus an additional 8 hours of practice audits involving all participants. Participant Materials include copies of all slides, key reference information, and current information on relevant agencies and resources..

Please contact us to learn more about implementing the ISO 9000/Q9000 Series Standards for your company.

To download the data sheet for this program, please click here. (PDF)

Seminar Outline:

Unit 1 - Role of Internal Audits
Key Terms and Definitions
Types of Audits
Second Party (External)
Third Party (Extrinsic)
Purpose of Internal Audits

Unit 2 - ISO 9001:2008/Q9001-2008 Requirements
Quality Management System
Management Responsibility
Resource Management
Product Realization
Measurement, Analysis and Improvement
Unit 3 - Internal Audit Personnel
Roles and Responsibilities
Skills and Qualifications
Independence and Objectivity
The Internal Audit Team

Unit 4 - Internal Audit Planning

Types of Internal Audits
Desk Audits
Floor Audits
Audit Methodologies
Element Audits
Process Audits
Developing the Audit Plan
Use of Checklists and Forms
Scheduling and Notification

Unit 5 - Conducting an Internal Audit
Opening Meeting
Collecting Information
Interviewing Techniques
Documenting Results
Interpreting Results
Reporting Results
Audit Report
Closing Meeting

Unit 6 - Corrective Action
Corrective Action Requests
Responsibilities for Corrective Action
Verification of Corrective Action
Management Review

Unit 7 - Learning More About Internal Auditing
Sources for Documents
Related Publications and References
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